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Law Studies and Association Engagement: Omar Helmi on Studying at HSG and the Corporate Law Club

The HSG student and co-founder of the Corporate Law Club (CLC) shares why he wanted to study law in St. Gallen and how his club experience has enriched his studies.

23.11.2023, 11:48 Cedric Frenzer, Ferhan Osseili

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- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Future of Work: Trends and Insights into the Dynamic Career of Prof. Dr. Isabelle Wildhaber, LL.M.

She recounts how she became a professor, the impact the September 11 attacks had on her career, and why legal professions must prepare for the challenges of the ...

16.11.2023, 11:10
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Law Firm on the Rise: How Dr. Benjamin Domenig Leads Domenig & Partner Attorneys at Law AG on a Growth Trajectory

He shares how he founded his own law firm, identifies the areas of law that will become particularly important in the future, and explains why sometimes it pays off ...

09.11.2023, 13:12
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Specialized Attorney, Notary, and Mother: How Manuela Häfliger Balances It All

She elaborates on her educational path to becoming a specialist lawyer for SAV inheritance law, explains why the notary patent is not only an exciting but also a ...

02.11.2023, 10:44
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

From Ski Pro to Lawyer: How Gilles Roulin Combines Sports and Law

The World Cup skier reveals how he managed to complete a law degree alongside his international elite sports career, offers tips for efficient time management, and ...

19.10.2023, 09:02
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Lawyer in Politics: A Conversation with Federal Councillor Viola Amherd

The first woman at the helm of the Defense Ministry explains why she ran for the office of the Federal Councilor, what she misses from her time as an independent ...

05.10.2023, 10:21
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Data Protection Law in the Age of Technology: A Conversation with IT and Technology Law Expert Marius Vischer

He reports on his professional career as a renowned expert in IT and technology law, emphasizing the importance of the new data protection legislation and AI, and ...

21.09.2023, 14:06
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Studying Successfully: Learning and Study Tips from Christapor Yacoubian

He shares valuable learning and study tips based on his academic experience and provides insights into the challenges and opportunities during his law studies at the ...

20.07.2023, 09:21
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

From History to Law Professorship: Insights into the Career of Human Rights Expert Prof. Dr. Judith Wyttenbach

She inspiringly opens the doors to her diverse educational and career journey. With a pronounced passion for legal matters, especially for fundamental and human ...

13.07.2023, 11:30
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Partner and Energy Law Expert, Dr. iur. Brigitta Kratz, LL.M.

From business law to specializing in energy law, she describes her inspiring career, discusses the diverse aspects of her work, and provides valuable guidance for ...

06.07.2023, 15:12
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Law Firm Founder, Notary Public, and Mediator, Samuel Droxler

He shares insightful perspectives on his legal career, the founding of his firm, and his role as a mediator. He particularly emphasizes the importance of mediation, ...

05.07.2023, 12:22
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Expert in Information and Communication Technology Law (ICT), Marco S. Meier

He provides interesting insights into his innovative career path, which led from computer science to law, and emphasizes the importance of the interplay between both ...

29.06.2023, 12:01
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Law Firm Owner and Tax Expert, Dr. Markus Weidmann

He provides insightful perspectives on his career journey, which took him from being a partner in renowned Swiss law firms to the owner of his own firm. Drawing from ...

22.06.2023, 12:05
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Criminal Defense Attorney Leonie Huber

She shares her experiences and insights from her law studies. From study tips to the advantages of an exchange semester to recommendations for entering the ...

15.06.2023, 10:32

Legal Revolution: The Groundbreaking Role of AI and Mathematics - A Commentary by Maximilian Janisch

He sheds light on the growing influence of AI on the legal industry and provides a deep insight into the intersection of mathematics, AI, and law. As a mathematician ...

14.06.2023, 07:35
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Partner and M&A Expert, Simone Ehrsam

In this interview, she sheds light on her career path, from joining the M&A team at Lenz & Staehelin to her current position as a partner. She emphasizes the ...

08.06.2023, 11:10
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Data Protection Expert & Law Firm Owner Dr. iur. Lukas Lezzi

He provides very personal insights into his career path, from his law studies through various professional stages to the founding of his own law firm. He emphasizes ...

02.06.2023, 13:52
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Top of the Class of 2022 at the University of Lucerne, Jonas Wolfisberg

He provides interesting insights into his academic and professional journey. He emphasizes the importance of a solid foundation in classic legal subjects and offers ...

25.05.2023, 12:45
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

Specialist in Labor Law, Attorney Olivier Baumberger

He provides fascinating insights into his education, his professional milestones, and the unique aspects of his role at the Centre Patronal. During the discussion, ...

11.05.2023, 13:05
- «Lawjobs im Interview»

The new Secretary-General at HSG, David Schneeberger

He shares his impressive career path, from his studies to the founding of a legal-tech company and his role at the Federal Administrative Court. He emphasizes the ...

27.04.2023, 14:28

ChatGPT - And the Profession of a Lawyer

In a current study, the impact of AI technologies such as ChatGPT on the legal industry is explored. The study by Felten, Raj, and Seamans indicates that the legal ...

06.04.2023, 13:28

Central Employer Branding

Especially in today's flood of information, central employer branding provides a crucial guide that helps companies differentiate themselves in the competitive ...

25.03.2023, 11:43

Female Lawyers & Partners in the Largest Swiss Law Firms

In large Swiss law firms, the proportion of women is increasing, yet at the partner level, the gender gap remains significant, despite recent positive developments. ...

01.04.2021, 17:08

The Largest Law Firms in Switzerland

This article by Dario Ramon Buschor examines the differences in personnel composition of Swiss law firms, especially in terms of the ratio of partners to other legal ...

01.02.2021, 10:25