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Find top talent on Lawjobs, the leading legal job board in Switzerland, and benefit from an average of 85`000 monthly visits with a posting duration of 31 days. Thanks to the user-friendly, filterable portal and the extensive legal network, including Jusletter (GER/FR) with 25`000+ recipients, your job offer will reach your target audience. Simply send your job ad to

With Lawjobs, I was able to place my job ad effectively and in a targeted manner. Furthermore, I was convinced by the additional interview offer, which was met with very good feedback. Within 3 weeks I received a successful application via the website - a clear recommendation! - 28.06.2023

RA Dr. Lukas Lezzi (Boutique Law Firm I Data Protection Law Lezzi Legal I Zurich)

Der persönliche und hervorragende Service von Lawjobs hat mich sehr beeindruckt. Unsere Wünsche wurden rasch und professionell umgesetzt - 15.03.2024

M. Bernhard (Parlamentsschreiber I Stadtparlament Winterthur)

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Basic products

Prices in CHF 31 days incl. company logo Free adjustments 4x in Jusletter & Jobletter Lawjobs - Twitter In all Special Boxes, incl. 1 week - Top Jobs 2 weeks - Top Jobs Weblaw Social Media +
855* /einmal
1'095* /einmal
1'460* /einmal

*Internships, traineeships & university jobs (Academics); CHF 620, Gold CHF 760, Platin CHF 925.
All prices excl. VAT.

Short Facts about Lawjobs

An average of 85`000 monthly hits.

Every Monday in the Jusletter to over 25`000+.

Every Thursday in the Jobletter to over 1`350 job seekers.

95% of customers recommend the Lawjobs service to others.

90% of job postings can be filled within 31 days.

Optimal reach through various upgrades.

NEW: Academics, improved portal features, Employer Branding & Interviews.


Employer Branding Program

We combine Employer & Personal Branding with Storytelling to present your employer brand centrally and permanently on the legal job market. Our experienced team supports you in professional conception and implementation.

*Pricing and Benefits

Centralize your presence and maximize your visibility for your target audience! Save costs thanks to an additional discounted ad package. Benefit from integrated Weblaw & Lawjobs solutions for more effective marketing and recruiting. Secure exclusive slots in the recruiting format «Lawjobs in an Interview». With our ongoing professional and technical support, your employer page will always be up to date.

*Limited First-Mover Discount

Learn more
«Lawjobs in an Interview» with you?

  • Exclusively for Lawjobs clients.

  • Publication on the Lawjobs Blog & Career Tips, Jobletter (1`350 subscribers), and on Weblaw's social media.

  • Also appears on the central page of (25`000 visites/mois).

  • You write, we do the rest.
Each extension (31 days)
CHF 540

  • Whether Standard, Gold or Platin, each renewal in the same product category only CHF 540.

  • Refresh of the job ad in the portal, Jobletter and Jusletter.

  • Up to 62 days possible after initial activation.

  • Without waiting time.
Ad optimization (text & design)
CHF 210

  • Let our years of experience save you time and effort when creating job ads.

  • Formulation aids for meaningful job descriptions as well as graphic preparation and adaptation to best address your defined target group.

  • On request with recommended HTML publication, responsive design and SEO optimisation.

+ Upgrades

Highlight job ad and reach even more people.

Top Jobs & Special Box
CHF 385

  • Top Jobs labeling and pinning at the top section, as well as Special Box integration in the portal, Jusletter,, and subpages.

  • For the duration of 1 week.

  • Each additional week, CHF 220.
Weblaw Social Media +
CHF 275

  • Linkedin.

  • Twitter.

  • Facebook.

Upgrade Top Jobs & Special Box (detail view)

An extension with Top Jobs & Special Box is possible with any basic product for the entire duration.

Place your job advertisement including your highlighted company logo on the prominent homepage of with approximately 25`000 accesses per month, and in the widely reached Jusletter with over 25`000 subscribers. Your ad will also be displayed at the top and fixed on the Lawjobs portal with over 85`000 visits.

In addition, if desired, you will receive a free access to our people and company news service Per§onalia , to publish your company developments, new hires, promotions etc. for the legal market.


  1. About 4 times more clicks.
  2. 100% visibility to job seekers.
  3. 100% exclusivity for employers.

Upgrade Social Media + (detail view)

A Social Media Upgrade is possible with any basic product for the entire duration.

Utilize our legal reach on LinkedinTwitter  and Facebook to reach an even larger number of people. This further increases the probability of a direct hit.


  1. About 18`000 followers (1st degree).
  2. Reach of approximately 80`000 Social Media users (2nd degree).
  3. Visible in the news feed, reliable, up-to-date.

Placement in ASAonline (tax law)
CHF 385

  • Only in combination package with Standard, Gold or Platin.

  • During 4-6 weeks, you can additionally reach around 6`000 individuals interested in tax law through the ASA mailing.

  • Publications 2024: On January 25th, February 29th, March 28th, April 25th, May 23rd, June 27th, August 29th, September 26th, October 24th, November 28th.
Placement in the Weblaw Privacy Newsletter
CHF 385

  • Only in combination with Standard, Gold or Platin.

  • During 4-6 weeks you will additionally reach about 800 persons interested in data protection law.

  • Publications 2024: On February 1, March 14, April 18, May 23, July 4, August 22, September 26, October 31, December 12.

Upgrade ASAonline (detail view)

The ASA journal (Archiv für Schweizerisches Abgaberecht) is published 9 times a year and offers a tax law platform where the most recent developments in legislation and legal application are explored and discussed in academic contributions.

The additional placement of your job ad in the ASA mailing closely resembles a direct approach to specialists and potential applicants.

You can find more information about the publication here.

Upgrade Weblaw Privacy Newsletter (detail view)

The Weblaw Privacy Roundmail is published monthly and informs its readership about the latest developments in the field of Data Protection, Big Data, Compliance, Case Law, Legislation, as well as topic-specific events and publications.

The additional placement of your job advertisement in this publication closely resembles a direct approach to specialists and potential applicants.

You can find more information about the publication here.



Especially for jobs for students and graduates of universities as well as for all university jobs.

Internships & traineeships
CHF 620

  • Advertise your temporary position for interns and apprentices at a special price.

  • Service program of the standard version.

  • Internships Gold (1 week Top Jobs incl. Logo) at CHF 760.

  • Internships Platin (2 weeks Top Jobs incl. Logo and Social Media) at CHF 925.
University Jobs
CHF 620

  • Advertise your assistant positions, research assistant positions or professorships at a discounted price.

  • Service program of the standard version.

  • Academics Gold (1 week Top Jobs incl. logo) at CHF 760.

  • Academics Platin (2 weeks Top Jobs incl. Logo and Social Media) at CHF 925.

Our activation process

1. Send us your job advertisement by e-mail

PDF Posting

  • Send us the link to your job ad or the corresponding Word or PDF documents, in both cases possibly with a link to your online application form.
  • If required, we can also set up HTML or iFrame.

*A detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages can be found at point 5. in our FAQ section.

2. Filtering and processing incl. optimization upon request

  • Using a digital form provided during the booking process, you can (voluntarily) make an individual filter selection and perfect the result of our analysis in 1-2 minutes. The filter system only works on the portal. However, if you wish to be prominently displayed on the page and in the Jusletter, we recommend the Upgrade Top Jobs & Special Box or the Gold or Platin publication.

*A detailed explanation of the filter system can be found at point 2 in our FAQ section.

  • Our dedicated graphics team will add a professional touch to your job ad, free of charge throughout its duration.
  • Do you want to go one step further with your job ad (text & design)? As recruitment specialists, we can advise you and design the perfect pitch with you or for you. You will receive 3 ready-to-use proposals. This ad optimisation service is available for CHF 190 excl. VAT.

3. Review of your job ad

After processing, we give you the opportunity to check your job ad. We attach great importance to the fact that your advertisement meets your expectations.

4. Good for publication

As soon as you are satisfied with the revised job ad, you give us your okay for publication. We ensure that your ad is published immediately so that it is visible to potential applicants as quickly as possible.

5. Access numbers and updates

At the end of the runtime, we will gladly inform you about the access numbers of your job advertisement upon request. For this, we need explicit notification from you. An automatic report is not possible. This way, you gain insight into the reach and response of your advertisement. Free of charge.

6. If necessary extension of the publication

About a week before the end of the publication period, we will contact you. In addition to various upgrade options, we offer you the opportunity to extend the duration of your job advertisement in the same product category by 31 days. This cost-effective extension is available up to 62 days after the activation date for any basic product at CHF 540 excluding VAT.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For ad placements, please feel free to contact Mr. Wittwer. For professional and technical questions about the Lawjobs service, Mr. Osseili will be happy to assist you. For questions regarding Lawjobs interviews, Mr. Frenzer is at your service. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday, 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00, at the number +41 31 380 57 77.

Ben Wittwer

Content Manager & Communication

Cedric Frenzer

Product Marketing

Joey Montani

Augmented- und Virtual Reality - Metaverse-Experte & Sales Romandie